an important part of the NASCK team, and they are proud of the kavod hameis given to every niftar at the cemetery. They even seek ways to fine-tune procedures in order to raise the level of kavod hameis even further. The cemetery can accommodate burial on very short notice, and the men are more than willing to drop everything, to stay late, to come early, to do whatever it takes to ensure the proper, dignified burial that every Jew deserves.

Grieving families are amazed at the loving touch displayed by the entire staff, and are comforted in the knowledge that their loved one is in such good hands. Families begin the mourning and healing process with a sense of connection and kinship to cemetery staff, and to the Jewish people. What other cemetery has the director visit the family during shiva? What other cemetery encourages the family to bury early, even if the time is inconvenient for the cemetery staff and their families? At what other cemetery does one of the groundskeepers step up and say Kaddish at the funeral if there is no son to say it?