Mission Statement

The National Association of Chevra Kadisha (NASCK) founded in 1996, was created to assist chevros kadisha in defining, establishing, and achieving the highest degree of kavod hameis (respect for the deceased), as described in Jewish law.

NASCK also creates and advances programs and initiatives to promote traditional Jewish end-of-life values.


Today in the US and Canada, more than 55% of the general public is choosing cremation, with the rate approaching 80% in some states.

No official statistics are available for Jews, but our experience with Jewish after-life service providers across the US leads us to believe that the Jewish rate is close to 40%.

That means between 70-80 Jews are being cremated every day.

NASCK is the only organization dedicated to confronting the rising rates of cremation at the national level.

Our most recent newsletter gives an update on some of our initiatives:


Rabbinic Board

  • Rabbi Eytan Feiner

  • Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer

  • Rabbi Herschel Schachter

  • Rabbi Peretz Steinberg

  • Rabbi Herschel Welcher


  • Rabbi Elchonon Zohn

    Richmond Hill, New York

  • Dr. Philip Abramowitz, Z"L

    First Vice President
    Brooklyn, New York

  • Rabbi Kalman Baumann

    Vice President
    Miami, Florida

  • Richard Miller

    West Hempstead, New York

  • Tovah Kirschner

    Cincinnati, Ohio