One of the most common requests we receive at NASCK asks for our assistance to help educate and explain the purpose and meaning of Chevra Kadisha practices and the importance of traditional Jewish burial. This is very necessary when dealing with Jews who are secular and have little or no knowledge of Judaism. To meet this need, NASCK has created and widely distributes a series of brochures with clear and authoritative explanations and vivid graphics that give an overview on a variety of topics.

NASCK provides “Dignity for the body, Peace for the Soul,” a brochure which clearly elucidates the function and responsibility of the Chevra Kadisha and clarifies the significance, the meaning and the beauty of Taharah, Shmirah and K’vurah. There is a detachable form in the back, “My Burial Wishes,” which records, on one page, all the important information one needs to know when someone dies. It also clearly states that one’s “Burial Wishes” are to be buried in accordance with these traditional procedures. This is especially important in families with diverse views and opinions of what is to be done, or where there is no family.

Other traditional burial brochures include “Jewish Burial = Green Burial,” “Cremation or Burial: Frequently Asked Questions,” “Cremation: Truth and Consequences.” These brochures address the various reasons people might choose cremation over burial, and the Jewish response.

Additionally, NASCK provides a Kaddish brochure, which describes the benefit of saying Kaddish, both for the deceased and the living. NASCK can reasonably arrange Kaddish to be said for the year or the Yahrtzeit in a circumstance where the bereaved family is unable to do so.

These brochures have been sent out all over the English speaking world – from Australia to Israel and across the US. Rabbis and others involved in Kiruv use them as another tool in fighting cremation. Chevros Kadisha find them to be invaluable as a way to open the conversation and explain the importance of Taharah and Shmirah . Some funeral homes request and display them, giving them an opportunity to educate and better serve their Jewish clientele.

Through the efforts of our donors, NASCK has been able to provide these brochures, with a display case, free of charge. We suggest placing them in funeral homes and cemeteries, Kiruv Centers, JCC lobbies and wherever Jewish educational materials are displayed. We are happy to share them with you upon request, and would welcome the opportunity to do so. To order, please click here.