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The purpose of these videos is to provide instruction and guidance when dealing with complicated tahara situations. Their content is not meant to supersede any minhagim or successful practices that are already in place. Since every situation is different, the senior metaher should decide whether or not to remove a device, keeping in mind that any action taken should be done with the utmost sensitivity to ensure kavod hameis.

Removing Intravenous and Intra-Atrial Lines

Removing an Intraosseous Needle

Dealing with Surface Bleeding and Scrapes

Removing a Closed Wound Drainage System

Removing an Open Wound Drainage System

Stopping Post Mortem Bleeding

Removing a Chest Tube

Removing a Urinary Catheter

Removing a PEG/feeding tube

Removing a Tracheostomy Tube

Removing a Nasogastric Tube

Removing a Colostomy - Ileostomy

Removing a Cast

Removing a Finger Ring

Removing Endotracheal Tubes


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The Spiritual and the Material:
The Why and How of

Recorded December 21, 2021

The Tahara Process
and the
Aron Mehudar

Recorded August 31, 2021

Beyond Covid:
Returning to Traditional Kavod Hameis

Recorded April 25, 2021

Zayin Adar 5781
Question and Answer

Recorded February 21, 2021

Tahara Process:
A Review

Recorded January 16, 2021

At This Time
of Introspection

Recorded September 23, 2020
(5 Tishrei 5780)