The death of a relative is always difficult, and at times tragic. People are dealing with a host of powerful emotions and with an overwhelming number of things to take care of. There are many questions regarding Hilchos Aninus, Aveilus, the Levayah, etc. While the Rabbi will often guide families, not all families have a rabbi available to them when needed and questions often arise unexpectedly.

The need for guidance about the proper protocols and atmosphere surrounding Nichum Aveilim and the Shivah house is an important element as well and is as important for the mourners themselves as it is for those who are Menachem. It is the mourners themselves who set the tone. There is also a need for appropriate and powerful Divrei Nechamah.
Nichum Packet Contents
NASCK’s Nichum Packet Contents include:
In response, NASCK offers a Nichum V’Nechamah packet – a kit for the Shivah house. The packet contains an excellent and concise Sefer, “The Mourner’s Companion” which offers clear step-by-step guidance. Authored by Rabbi Reuven Drucker, Rabbi of Agudath Israel of Edison, it is exceptionally well-indexed and contains the sources (in Hebrew) for all of the laws stated. There is a poster for the door with short and direct information about the proper demeanor of a Shivah house and about the Shivah schedule. A DVD providing focus, inspiration and comfort is also included. The packets are appreciated by both mourners and Rabbis alike. Mark Ganchrow of Florida told us, “NASCK’s Nechamah video was a source of both comfort and empathy to me in my time of mourning.” Rabbi Binyomin Sloviter of Atlanta said, “With a very large Shul I found it important to educate people on how to be Menachem Avel . . . I want to just thank all the people that put the DVD together . . . because you were really Mezakeh the Rabbim.”

Over the past months, NASCK has sent out 500+ Nichum V’Nechamah packets to places like Louisville, KY, St. Louis, MO, Boca Raton, FL, and Atlanta, GA. Of course, many more were distributed to Aveilim in the NY area. While packets are available free of charge, for distribution as needed, to Chevros Kadisha, Rabbis or Congregations, donations are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

This is another way in which NASCK provides Chesed for the Meisim and the Chayim at this most difficult time.

To learn more about the packet and view all its contents, or to order, please click here.