Thank you to chevra kadisha members everywhere, who have been working overtime and with great mesiras nefesh, (selfless dedication) to care for the many Jews who have died in the last few months.

Our work is never easy, but COVID-19 has made it more challenging than ever before.

This is a grueling time —physically, emotionally, and practically. Many were afraid, and many continue to be afraid, of this new virus, with confusing and conflicting views as to how to avoid or treat its danger, which has turned the world as we knew it upside down. That fear frequently extended to the professionals we work with, at hospitals, funeral homes and cemeteries, complicating our work even further.

However, the reverence we have for our work, respectfully caring for the souls entrusted to our care, propels us to overcome our deepest fears. Though we consult with the CDC, we put our faith in the Ribono shel Olam and halachah as defined by our poskim (decisors of Jewish law). We pray for, and are confident in, the fulfillment of the promise we recite each Shabbos:

כל מי שעוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה הקב״ה ישלם שכרם
ויסיר מהם כל מחלה, וירפא לכל גופם, ויסלח לכל עונם, וישלח ברכה בכל מעשה ידיהם,
עם כל ישראל אחיהם

For all who toil faithfully in service of the community,
may Hashem pay their reward, remove all illness from them, heal them, forgive all their sins, and bless all they do,
together with all of Israel, their brethren.

NASCK feels privileged to be a place you can turn to for guidance. Below you will find resources of interest and value to keep you informed and help keep you safe. We will continue to update this information as coronavirus conditions evolve.

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