The Halachic Living Will
and the Emes Card

Issues of Concern

The NASCK Halachic Living Will Program and the EMES card address all of these concerns.

At the time of an emergency or need, how will anyone know if a medical or end-of-life directive was signed?

Changing laws and varied family structures make it imperative for every Jewish adult to designate a Health-Care Proxy.

The complexity of medical and end-of-life decisions require Halachic direction.

Many states do not accommodate a family’s religious objection to autopsy. However, a declared objection by the decedent will have legal impact.

If someone agreed to burial, how will anyone know?

New laws give a designated agent the primary right to make post-mortem decisions.

Many Jews are choosing cremation (more than 40%) and the trend must be reversed.

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Modern medical ethics are trending away from Torah values.

The Torah’s view is that every moment of life is of infinite value, whereas the view of many in the medical world is to judge the value of life by its “quality.”

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