It was with great excitement that NASCK received its first pallet of From This World to the Next. This book is a compilation of stories by multiple authors, edited by Rosally Saltsman and Robin Meyerson. Its focus is on true stories about Jewish burial, with themes such as Hashgacha Pratis, The Afterlife, and Divine Intervention. It also highlights the unique sense of peace many feel after choosing burial over cremation. Within a month, NASCK has already sent out over 700 books, with more requests coming in. The books have been extremely well received by the Kiruv community, with many people asking for more than one book to share with friends.

Requests have been made from every part of the globe, from various types of organizations and people from all walks of life and across the spectrum of religious observance. We’ve sent books to Canada, Israel, the UK, Belgium and Australia, in addition to the hundreds sent out here in the United States.

Stories include a check being written by a man deceased for ten years, a 25 million dollar funeral, and the woman who bet she could thwart her son’s cremation wishes, and won!
From This World to the Next book cover.
Reviews and responses have come in as well.

“In From This World to the Next, Rosally Saltsman and Robin Meyerson have gathered together enthralling first person experiences with the death of a loved one and with near-death experiences. Their fascinating anthology is designed to underscore the Jewish tradition that death serves as a bridge linking the physical world – that of the body – to the spiritual one, the realm of the soul.” – Michael Kaufman

“From This World to the Next is a very fine and sensitive book. Once you start to read, you cannot stop until the end. Rosally Saltsman, a frequent contributor to The Jewish Press, and Robin Meyerson, have chosen excellent stories to bring home some very important points on the significance of Jewish burial.” – Naomi Mauer, Publisher, The Jewish Press

In his Foreword to the book, Rabbi Elchonon Zohn, Founder and Director, National Association of Chevra Kadisha, writes, “These stories allow us to glimpse beyond the veil of the afterlife as apparent miracles unfold, and the unbelievable happens again and again. We are shown that death is not the final end. Rather it is a bridge between this life’s journey and the journey to a spiritual and eternal world.

“I am sure you will benefit greatly from this book as you gain knowledge as well as inspiration which will help guide you to choose meaningful and respectful traditional Jewish burial for your own body and soul and to likewise honor your loved ones as well.”

Rabbi Zohn and Mrs. Robin Meyerson were interviewed on June 29th, on JM in the AM, where they discussed the growing cremation trend, and how From This World to the Next will help combat it.

From This World to the Next is a must-read for all Jews, affiliated or otherwise. A copy belongs in the library of every Shul, Kiruv Center and Chabad House, senior residence and JCC. It is part of our great mission and distinct pleasure to be able to provide this resource to the community at large. It joins the many other tools we have created and produced to fight the terrible cultural trend toward cremation, with the goal to educate all Jews about traditional Jewish burial. Proceeds for book sales go to facilitate indigent burial, and to educate Jews about the meaning and beauty of burial.

We especially thank all the donors who made this book possible.

Read a few sample stories, and order your book today.

For bulk purchases/requests, please email or the NASCK office at 718-847-6280.