Recommended Announcement Script


As the rav mentioned, we are having a very important program on [Date and Time], at [Location].
Let me give everyone some quick background information.

We are blessed to live in a country that values our individual liberty, and allows each person the right to choose the course of action they want for their own healthcare. Every person has autonomy. The question is: What if the person is incapable of communicating their wishes? Who then is the moral and legal authority?

The answer is not necessarily simple.

A halachic living will and EMES Card do the following:
1. They empower you to choose who speaks on your behalf.
2. They ensure that your agent follows halachah, according to the rabbinic authority that you choose.
3.  They enable your medical team to collaborate with your rabbi and your agent.

An email will go out tonight with more details.

This is an issue that everyone over the age of 18 needs to take seriously.

The intent of this program is to ensure that this important document is executed correctly, according to state law, so that there is no room for doubt in a medical emergency.

Participants will also receive an EMES card, which is a concise summary of the halachic living will that also contains essential contact information, and is easily found in case of emergency.

Thank you.