Subject: Be aware. Be responsible. Be prepared.


Dear friends,

The possibility that we may be unable to make our own medical decisions is not a topic we like to discuss or even think about. However, we should not avoid the reality that we must prepare for any eventuality. The Halachic Living Will is a simple document that allows you to choose the people who will be making the important decisions if you are, G-d forbid, incapable of communicating your wishes.

This topic can evoke fear and discomfort, but it doesn’t have to. Let’s confront it together, and ensure that we are all protected — legally and halachically.

Please join us on [Date and Time], at [Location] for a presentation cosponsored with the National Association of Chevra Kadisha (NASCK), which will guide us through the Halachic Living Will. We will be using the [choose:] Halachic Health Care Proxy form that was produced by the Rabbinical Council of America or Halachic Medical Directives form that was produced by Agudath Israel.

This will be a short but informative program where we will fill out and execute these forms, and receive an EMES card. The EMES card is a concise summary of the halachic living will that also contains essential contact information, and is easily found in case of emergency.

We will send out the halachic living will forms ahead of time for your review. For more information on this topic in general, please visit [use the toolkit url]

I look forward to seeing you there.

Rabbi [Name]