Open House Timeline

As is true with any event, the earlier the planning begins, the more likely the event is to succeed.
The following timeline includes important dates and a checklist of critical elements for the success of this event.
Wherever a flyer, email, or script is mentioned, a sample of it is available by clicking on the link.
Following this timeline has been proven to yield excellent results.

4 weeks before the event:

 Choose a date, time, and location: ___________________________________

 Create and print a flyer advertising the event. Click HERE to view templates of flyers for your use.

 The rav should decide whether he wants to use the HHCP or the HMD
 HHCP     HMD

Contact NASCK to request the number of EMES cards you will need.

3 weeks before the event:

 Distribute the flyer announcing the event.

 Publish a BLURB about the event in the shul newsletter.
The blurb will continue to appear in the newsletter until the event.

  Place an ad in a local paper to attract even more participants.

2 weeks before the event:

  Send out the FIRST EMAIL.

 Re-publish the BLURB about the event in the shul newsletter.

  Recruit volunteers to serve as witnesses (and notaries, if required).

1 week before the event:

 Re-publish the BLURB about the event in the shul newsletter.

  Shabbos morning:
1. The rav SPEAKS about the importance of having a halachic living will during his drashah.
2. The person who makes the announcements follows this SCRIPT.
  An hour after havdalah:

1 day before the event:

 Send out the REMINDER EMAIL.

 Print out enough halachic living will forms.

 Get an ample supply of pens.

 Make sure enough tables and chairs are set up.

The day of the event:

 Have a stack of forms, pens and, if desired, NASCK return envelopes by the door.

The day after the event:

 Send out the POST-EVENT EMAIL.