South Florida Jewish Cemetery Update!

South Florida Jewish Cemetery is a most ambitious project of NASCK. There is truly a lot that goes into purchasing a 15-acre field and developing it into a beautiful, yet low-cost, not-for-profit cemetery. Let’s take a look behind the scenes…

Just the first phase of development (less than half of the property) will require:

  • 148 trees
  • 3,710 bushes and shrubs
  • 261,000 square feet of grass
  • 1,378 linear feet of fence
  • 1,580 linear feet of road
  • Importing 50,000 cubic yards of fill

  • How do you get water to all of that plant material over such a large area? It takes a 120-foot-deep well, and a very sophisticated high-pressure irrigation system, the same type used in golf courses. This is South Florida, with plenty of golf courses, and no shortage of professionals who know how to design and install such systems.

    We are pleased to report that the well has been dug, the irrigation lines laid, the pump system installed and the power is on! In other words, we have water! The shrubs and trees that decorate our 1,378 linear feet of fence have been installed and are looking great. As the landscape team is continuing to install the rest of the plant material, we are beginning the final step of phase one which is the entrance road and driveway.

    Dedication opportunities are available and you still have an opportunity to become a Founding Supporter or to be a contributor on any level. You can play a vital role in this important project. You can share in this unusual opportunity of Chesed-Shel- Emes and Mes Mitzvah.