a most unique hotline

It’s 2:35 AM on the East Coast. Most of the city is sleeping, but for some, work must get done. The phone rings – it’s a call from a community in Australia. “Rabbi,” says the voice on the other end, “we’re in middle of a difficult tahara, and we’re not sure how to proceed.” After asking just a few questions, the tahara procedure is explained with clarity and brevity. The city sleeps again.

Just a few minutes later, the phone rings again, this time from a city in California. There was a sudden and tragic death in the family of a community member, and the rav is trying to figure out how to quickly transport the deceased to Eretz Yisrael, and to get it there before Shabbos. if possible. Never having dealt with this sort of occurrence, he reached out to the organization that has decades of experience. Again, all the questions are answered, with assurances that the rav should call back if he needs further assistance.

Most community members are unaware of the fact that often times their Chevra Kadishah members or rav will call NASCK for guidance and advice. Sometimes, these calls cannot wait for regular business hours, which is why NASCK has a dedicated hotline for emergency questions, available 6 days a week, 24 hours a day.
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Much of the work that NASCK does is behind the scenes, and this hotline is no different. Even family members of the deceased often don’t know that NASCK was consulted on their particular case. NASCK receives thousands of calls a year regarding issues ranging from the reasons for our minhagim, to prevention of autopsies and cremations, to complex cemetery questions, and everything in between.

The NASCK hotline is the only hotline of its type in the United States, and quite possibly, the world. If you have an end-of-life question, call (718) 847-6280. True emergencies can call anytime.

This work is vital to klal Yisrael, and cannot continue without your help. People turn to NASCK at times of loss, when they are vulnerable, at their most desperate times of need. We are always there for them. At this time, NASCK needs you. Please consider a donation today.