NASCK is the only organization whose unique mission involves fighting the growing cultural trend toward cremation as well as training and supporting Chevros Kadisha nationally and beyond. Because of our unique position, NASCK is often contacted, by a wide range of individuals, clergy and community leaders, for its opinion or guidance. Below is a sampling of a few recent media articles that have featured NASCK.


Rabbi Zohn was asked to address the monthly meeting of the Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud Harabonim this past Rosh Chodesh Av. The topic of concern was how to address the prevailing and growing cremation trend in the Jewish community. The Rabbonim of the RAA/Igud often struggle with those issues in the extended circle of their Baale Batim and are looking for ideas and direction. Rabbi Zohn called upon all those present to do what they can to educate and inform their congregants, encouraging them to reach out to extended family and friends as well. They then unanimously adopted a resolution that the Shul Rabbonim of the RAA/Igud would join and participate in TEAM Shabbos this coming Parshas Vayechi. This event was covered in The Jewish Voice, Jewish Press and other Jewish media. – Read More Here.


Though based in Queens, NY, NASCK’S impact is national, if not global. Working with a Chevra Kadisha in Australia to set standards for their cemeteries, preventing a cremation in Las Vegas, addressing difficult Tahara situations with a Chevra in California, Canada, Texas or New Jersey, NASCK’s emergency hotline is always on and available. Built on a decades-long close relationship with the Chevra Kadisha in West Orange, NJ, NASCK recently held a well-attended breakfast in West Orange, hosted by Linda and Avi Laub, with over 100 community members showing their support. Click here to read the Jewish Link article.


When Mishpacha magazine wanted to write a piece focusing on cremation and what we, as an observant Frum community, can and should do to fight it, they turned to NASCK. With many years of practical experience, NASCK and its staff were able to help explain why people choose cremation. We articulated some concrete guidelines and ideas how we can best educate and convince others to choose burial. We continue to get calls for help because of this article, as well as positive feedback of the impact it had on specific families. To read the article, click here.


A short article published nine months ago in the Jewish Journal, with little other publicity or marketing, created a flurry of excitement and activity. South Florida Jewish Cemetery received nearly 100 phone calls from people who wanted to learn more about this revolutionary new venture. Any doubt about the need for this visionary project has been laid to rest. This article provided the first concrete indication of the impact SFJC will have on cremation and K’vurah once it is up and running. Please click here to read the article.

The only thing currently in the way of opening the cemetery to sales and operation is the lack of funds for its development. To learn more about this project, and to donate to specifically this project, please click here.

To help NASCK continue to impact communities across the globe, please click here.