News at nasck

NASCK is connecting to communities across the country with recent presentations about the afterlife and other Jewish fundamental beliefs. Our recent lectures in Millinery Center Synagogue in Manhattan and Weiss Senior Center in Delray Beach FL are examples of many other similar programs. Click here to watch the lecture at the Millinery Center Synagogue. There are many more communities on the horizon slated for NASCK programs in the fall and winter – in Silver Spring, MD; San Antonio, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Woodmere, NY; Seattle, Washington; and many others.

NASCK is connecting with communities by gearing up for our most robust TEAM Shabbos ever with a specific focus on community-wide programs. There are regional conferences being planned by national organizations that we are planning to partner with. These will include workshops for Chevra Kadisha volunteers as well as other presentations dealing with practical end-of-life awareness. Stay tuned…

NASCK is connecting through communities and helping individuals through distribution of a number of important books, including Afterlife by Jonathan Morgenstern, based on Shiurim by HaRav Sholom Kaminetsky, Shlit”a, and the new edition of From This World to the Next by Rosally Saltsman & Robin Meyerson. NASCK is completing the “Burial IS Better” Toolkit and perfecting the Advance Medical Directives Sign-Up Toolkit to be launched in the fall.

Finally, South Florida Jewish Cemetery is very close to completing “Phase One” and may be open before the next NASCK newsletter. The cemetery has already had an impact on the community with over 250 requests for graves. Some of these people would have cremated because of the high cost of graves elsewhere. Even more remarkable are the four Jewish funeral homes who have agreed to stop advertising cremation and to promote Jewish burial. This came about when they asked for a relationship with SFJC so they can sell pre-need funerals that include a grave and monument. We hope this development could be transformative and potentially have very significant impact on K’vurah K’Halachah in South Florida.