Nichum V’Nechamah

“To Comfort and Be Comforted” offers comfort to the mourners and guidance to those visiting a shivah house.

The “Nichum V’Nechamah” program consists of a packet of resources for the mourner and the Shiva house.

A DVD of highlights

from a series of lectures by renowned rabbis and professionals that explore the emotional and spiritual needs of mourners, explain the role of those giving comfort and provides words of consolation. Click here to view highlights.

"The Mourner’s Companion"

by Rabbi Reuven Drucker, a clear, comprehensive and concise guide to the Halachos of mourning. Click here for more Information.

A sign-up chart

to learn Mishnayos in memory of the deceased, and a pad for people to write down the necessary information regarding the Mishnayos they selected. Click here to download.

A Practical Guide to the Shiva Visit

A card listing pointers on how to make a Shiva visit have the maximum positive effect. Click here to download poster sized guide.

A poster for the Shiva house door

Highlighting key points for visitors to focus on in a Shiva house and information about the times of davening and duration of Shiva. Click here to download.

To order full packets for your Chevra Kadisha or Shul to distribute: call 718.847.6280 or email

More information
Read Solace at Sunset, Hamodia’s feature article on the Nichum V’nechamah program (originally appeared in Inyan Magazine, 4/24/14).

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