South Florida Jewish Cemetery has, be”H, weathered the storm of hurricane Irma and, but for a lot of water and one downed tree, is back on track toward completion! At this stage the entire project depends on support from the greater Jewish Community. Florida law prevents us from selling graves before we open up. We are hoping to be able to open by the end of the year. Of course, not having the resources to complete the development of at least the cemetery part of the project may delay us from opening up.

Once opened, South Florida Jewish Cemetery will be positioned to be a powerful weapon in the fight against cremation. Even at our current stage of development, and without any formal marketing, we are already making a significant impact.

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After the local Jewish newspaper ran a story on the cemetery, someone contacted us and said, “Good morning. B”H, my father saw your article in the paper and just called me to say that, in lieu of his original plan for cremation when he’s 120 years old, he wants to go the Tahara route and be buried at this new cemetery.”

We were recently contacted by a lady who reached out to us through our website. This is a copy of the email we received from our Florida office. “A lady reached out to me via the contact page on the cemetery website. She’s considering cremation but she’s willing to hear about traditional burial. How did she find us? She was talking to a gentleman who was sitting next to her on a plane. She mentioned that she’s considering cremation because of financial reasons. He told her that in New York there are societies and organizations that help, there must be something in Florida. She looked around a little online and found us. Imagine the possibilities once we’re up and running!

At this time we are making an offer to Shuls and Chevros Kadisha across the country. You can help NASCK with this transformative project which will, be”H, impact the level of adherence to traditional Jewish burial across America. Any Shul, Chevra Kadisha or community that becomes a Founding Partner with a donation of $25,000 or more, will have the benefit of a credit toward graves for their members and their families should they choose to avail themselves of it. Please contact us for more details.

Find out more about the innovative bold goals of this unique cemetery, please visit To learn more becoming Founding Partners, please email, 561.376.9972 or, 718.847.6280.

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