South Florida Cemetery Project Has Begun!

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According to field research by the National Association (NASCK), national cremation rates among Jews are reaching above 40% nationally. Everyone is touched by this tragedy, all Jews must take responsibility to contribute to this cause. Every time a Jew is cremated it is a desecration of the Tzelem Elokim – the Image of Hashem.


The culture we live in has promoted cremation beyond anyone’s prediction and many Jews are convinced there are benefits.

In reality, cremation hurts the environment, the family, the body and the soul.

Radio Interview with Rabbi Lyons and Eric Glazer

Rabbi Lyons and Eric Glazer were interviewed by Karen Curtis of, “The Drive at 5” on 850 AM in Florida.

Property Closing in South Florida

 Closing on South Florida CemeteryB’Chasdei Hashem, NASCK is excited to announce that we have closed on a property located in South Florida, the first of many steps towards our South Florida Cemetery Project.

South Florida has a very large and ever-growing Jewish population and has major challenges when it comes to Jewish burial. All of the Jewish cemeteries in South Florida charge so much for in-ground burial (including grave, required concrete vault and grave opening) that it’s no wonder the rate of cremation is over 50%.

Until now.

South Florida Jewish Cemetery, a project of NASCK, will operate at the highest standards of Jewish tradition and will be”H provide burial for impoverished families. The prices across the board will be far lower, and any revenue beyond the cost of operations will go toward our indigent burial fund, resources for mourners, and education about traditional Jewish end-of-life practices.

The concept is revolutionary. The South Florida Jewish Cemetery has already been featured in media outlets and will continue to receive national attention. There is real reason to believe that this program could create a significant change in the decisions Jews will make, choosing traditional burial over cremation. Once again, NASCK is on the cutting edge of traditional afterlife care, thinking ahead of the curve and addressing difficult end-of-life issues.