Announcing a new TEAM SHABBOS Manager

TEAM Shabbos has be”H grown by leaps and bounds, with more than 450 Shuls participating in over 200 communities. TEAM members participate in any number of ways: Shabbos morning sermons on Parshas Vayechi; A Dvar Torah at Shalosh Seudos; lectures and classes the week before; and special programs on TEAM Topics. It is an important, practical and impactful project and the network of Shuls and communities involved truly comprise a great TEAM.

Like every great team, the NASCK TEAM needs a great manager. A man with experience as a Shul Rav who can relate to the many demands and responsibilities that Rabbonim deal with, and who can properly offer them support. Such a man should have a background working in large Jewish organizations and know how to run and grow events. He would best be a man with experience in fundraising who understands the myriad details of a nationwide campaign and the steps that must be taken in order to successfully make it happen.

Rabbi Yonah Feinstein

Introducing: Rabbi Yonah Feinstein

Rabbi Yonah Feinstein has recently joined the staff of NASCK as the National Director of our TEAM Shabbos program. Rabbi Feinstein’s experience as a Shul Rav and his many years of service with Agudath Israel, along with his energy and positive attitude, make him a perfect fit and a true asset to our organization.

This year will be the 4th year of TEAM Shabbos. We are reaching out to Rabbis and Shuls that have joined us in previous years as well to new Rabbis encouraging them to join the TEAM . We also plan to expand TEAM Shabbos by adding a new element. In addition to each Rav addressing awareness on one of the many end-of-life topics we highlight – in a message uniquely suited to his congregants – we are hoping to create widespread communal awareness via community-wide programming. Issues like the Torah’s view of value-of-life, general preparedness for end-of-life in accordance with Halachah, signing Halachic Living wills, or a Chevra Kadisha training and membership drive are all important topics communities may benefit from. Coordinating these efforts will be part of Rabbi Feinstein’s new role at NASCK. We are proud and excited to have Rabbi Feinstein join the NASCK team.

Reach out to Rabbi Feinstein at to discuss how to make this year’s TEAM Shabbos the best one yet for your community.