NASCK is preparing for our third year of TEAM Shabbos – a special Shabbos where Rabbonim across North America discuss, educate and inform their congregants about the many end-of-life concerns that arise. Last year, over 400 Shuls in over 200 communities joined together for TEAM Shabbos, impacting an estimated 100,000 people.

Though that may sound impressive, our work is far from over. There are many end-of-life topics that affect every one of us, Halachic Medical Directives; Halachic Wills and Testaments; caring for elderly parents; purchasing graves; joining and strengthening the Chevra Kadisha, etc. and each of us should really prepare for the inevitable. The cremation rate in the United States continues to climb, reaching over 50% for the first time. As the secular world embraces cremation as the preferred way of saying a final goodbye, the Jewish world sadly follows. Cremation rates among non-religious Jews reflect those of the world at large, with some areas reaching as high as 70%. Our challenge is to educate and reach out to our brethren. TEAM Shabbos, a national broad-based movement, is a potent tool that can assist us in our fight against this rising tide.

As Rabbonim and leaders involved in Chevra Kadisha work, we have the ability to forewarn and forearm our congregants about the maze of choices, decisions, and possibilities which face all of us. Parshas Vayechi, discussing Yaakov Avinu’s final days, his charge to his family with his final wishes, his Petirah and K’vurah, provides us with the perfect opportunity to teach about the importance of preparing oneself and others for end-of-life events and traditional Jewish burial. Besides Shul programming, sermons, and Shiurim, NASCK is ready to help you set up events, with Q&A sessions, and Halachic Medical Directive sign-ups.

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