A Conversation for Mortals 
with Rabbi Elchonon Zohn
as presented by the OU

Below is the link to the webinar, as well as some additional information we think you will appreciate.

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Halachic Living Wills are a must for everyone over the age of 18. Advance Directives cannot take their place, since any medical decision made in an emergency needs to be based on the specifics of the situation.
You can easily create a legally-binding Halachic Living Will and request your free EMES card at nasck.org/1-2-3
Still not convinced you need one? You can find out more at the same address.

Wills in Accordance with Halachah avoid unnecessary strife and halachic issues.
Resources to ensure that your Last Will and Testament is halachically valid are available at nasck.org/wills-in-accordance-with-halachah

Cremation has become a huge issue in the Jewish community, with rates at 40% and rising.
It is our obligation as Jews to take care of the meis mitzvah (person without anyone to bury them) of today by talking to them about the imperative of traditional Jewish burial.

NASCK’s PeacefulReturn.org website is dedicated to this task.

We also offer the book, Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View, by best-selling author Doron Kornbluth, on our website.

In addition, we have established the non-profit South Florida Jewish Cemetery to encourage burial in the area with the largest population of elderly Jews in North America, and a cremation rate of over 50%.

NASCK (The National Association of Chevra Kadisha) was founded in 1996 to assist chevros kadisha in defining, establishing, and achieving the highest degree of kavod hameis (respect for the deceased) as defined by Jewish law.
NASCK also creates and advances programs and initiatives to promote traditional Jewish end-of-life values.

Over the past 20 years, NASCK has used workshops, legislative initiatives, and educational programming to help people navigate the trying time of losing a loved one.

Our To Comfort and Be Comforted / Nichum v'Nechamah program offers guidance to those who have suffered a loss, as well as those who try to console them. It includes a broad range of videos from some the most renowned speakers in the Jewish world, and includes a collection of videos made by and for women, entitled, Woman to Woman, Heart to Heart.

NASCK teaches best practices for dealing with complex taharos, and influences funeral homes and cemeteries to accommodate Jewish funeral practices.

Our annual TEAM Shabbos program opens the conversation about Jewish end-of-life issues in over 500 shuls across North America.

In addition, NASCK has prevented countless cremations through direct intervention, education, and guidance. Through its innovative ideas, programs, and practices, NASCK leads the fight against the growing trend of cremation among Jews.