Zayin Adar 5781 Siyum

Traditionally, Chevra Kadisha members fast, and then have a seudah on Zayin Adar, the yahrzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu, who was buried by Hashem Himself on that day.
While this day is an opportunity for the community to recognize the work of the chevra, one aspect of Zayin Adar is more serious, introspective — and of particular significance this year.

Zayin Adar is a time for reflection and evaluation of the service we provided those who passed away, to ask their forgiveness for any shortcomings, and to be m’sakein, to repair, anything that may have been lacking in the kavod hameis we provided during the previous year.

In many instances, Covid-19 required significant change to how Chevros performed tahara this year. While Chevros worked with extraordinary mesirus nefesh, dedication, in performing their work, tahara and burial procedures often had to be modified, minyanim and Kaddish cancelled, and shivah visits abbreviated or performed remotely.

Given the unfortunate circumstances of the last year, NASCK would like to invite and encourage Chevros to come together this year and observe Zayin Adar as one, offering each other the chizuk, the inspiration, and the strength we need more than ever.

Learning mishnah and reciting Tehillim are well-known methods of bestowing zechus, tikkun and ilui neshamah, spiritual benefit, to departed souls. To further that goal, we invite all Chevros Kadisha to join in the learning of Mishnayos by men, and the reciting of Tehillim by women, leading up to this year’s Zayin Adar commemoration. B’ezras Hashem, with the participation of many Chevros, we will be finishing Shisha Sidrei Mishnah and Sefer Tehillim many times over. We daven that this communal endeavor be a zechus for the many niftarim we served this past year.

Men may sign up for mishnayos as individual members of a Chevra, or a Chevra may choose to sign up for one or more Masechtos or Sedarim of Mishnayos, dividing it up among themselves.

Women are invited to participate by taking upon themselves the completion of Sefer Tehillim over the course of the next month. Alternatively, a Chevra may choose to sign up for all of Sefer Tehillim, dividing it up among themselves.

Since Zayin Adar occurs on a Friday this year, the siyum will take place on Thursday, the sixth of Adar, February 18. We ask that all mishnayos and Tehillim be completed by that Thursday at 2pm EST.

The Siyum will, be”H, be recorded and incorporated into a video presentation with divrei chizuk and divrei Torah, which will be sent to all NASCK Chevros Kadisha. We believe it will be a memorable event that can be shown at Zayin Adar chevra gatherings in honor of the extraordinary work of the Chevra Kadisha in this most extraordinary year.